VolUtility – Web Application for Volatility

I have been very fortunate to be involved with some minor beta testing for great new Web App tool created for Volatility by my good friend Kev!

The name alone gives you an idea of its usefulness but that is but the tip of the iceberg.  VolUtility is an excellent GUI front end packed with features to assist analysts with memory analysis.

Whats more as a practitioner within DFIR and a developer Kev is very keen to make the tool better and is open to community input to assist with its development.

Home Screen


Analysis Home Page


This initial blog post is mainly to get word out to the DFIR community about the existence of this tool and hopefully get people using and improving the tool and I plan future posts about its capabilities.  A demo video has been created by Kev and can be viewed below:


Further information and how to download the tool can be found on Kev’s Github here.


Enjoy and please help get the word out to the DFIR community who will appreciate the amount of work that developers put in to help improve the way we work.

3 comments to VolUtility – Web Application for Volatility

  • Shritam Bhowmick  says:

    Having it run through some dry test. Results so far are okay.

  • Deepak  says:

    Few Modules are not parsing

    • Chip_DFIR  says:

      You should let him know via Twitter or his github mate

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